Seeking Volunteers to Launch The Lab

Onward House is very excited to launch The Lab — a business incubator developed through our partnership with In February we took our first big step by onboarding our business incubator specialist, Sophia Cabido.

With Sophia on board, we have been diligently working towards the launch of our first class in Spring 2018. In order for us to ensure the best possible outcomes for each of our students, we’re looking to assemble a dedicated group of volunteers to coach, mentor, and advise our student teams.

We’re looking for experienced business professionals to join our team of volunteers. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, consider volunteering in one of the following capacities for our upcoming class:

  • COACH: Coaches teach based on their area of business expertise, e.g. marketing, finance, sales, etc. Each lesson will include presentations, student activities, and curated resources. Coaches will work with students to help them learn the material present through lectures and activities. If applicable, the coach may replace the examples used in the lesson with personal experiences.  However, we ask that coaches use the lesson content from the curriculum provided.  The student teams need to work in a disciplined manner, starting with finding a problem to solve at the beginning of the academic year to investor pitch at the end of the year.  You will work closely with the Specialist to ensure access to materials needed for the days you are present.
    • Time commitment: up to 3 hours, at least 1 time
  • MENTOR: The Mentor’s role is to facilitate learning through our small student groups. Mentors will help students learn how to find the answers themselves.  Generally, mentors will meet with their student teams once a week for at least an hour. However, the time commitment might increase before key milestones such as the Product Pitch near the 6-week mark, and at the sessions end for Investor Pitch.
    • Time commitment: One hour each week for 12 weeks
  • BOARD OF ADVISORS MEMBER (aka “Sharks”): The Board of Directors and Advisors is comprised of a group of volunteer business professionals and entrepreneurs who will offer strategic direction to student teams.  These volunteers will be in the classroom two times during the year:  Product Pitch and Final Pitch.
    • Time commitment: Approx. 6 hours over 2 meetings

Please contact Sophia Cabido at for more information on joining The Lab volunteer team.