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Citizenship Thank You Notes


My gratitude to Professor Tapia for everything you have done, which I will never forget. Thank you for being a kind teacher. You gave me the confidence I needed to continue pursuing my dreams of becoming an American citizen.

And also to Onward House for helping me and the citizenship exam class group. Thank you very much for the free course you offer to the community here in Chicago. I enjoyed every minute of his lectures, as well as his wonderful team who make this possible.

It is important to mention the benefit of becoming an American citizen, and the right to vote. And to have the same rights as any citizen of this great country.

Many thanks,

Lidio Guerrero


By way of this letter, with respect and admiration, I am pleased to address to you these few lines, to express all my gratitude.  It has been a pleasure to have the support of a great organization such as Onward House and its entire staff, with their professionalism and kindness.

Professor Francisco Tapia, I am infinitely grateful for all your patience and knowledge. I thank you for helping me to achieve this important goal in my life, seeing in the realization of this project that many people do not have this opportunity. Thank you for inspiring all the participants of this training course to pursue and achieve our goals. Again, thank you very much Professor Francisco Tapia and the valuable support staff of Onward House, which provides valuable help and support to our community.

Professor Francisco may God Bless you today and always. Thank you for everything.




Dear Professor Tapia,

I looked for help in my area to be able to do the application process for citizenship, and I found Onward House located at 5413 W. Diversey Ave. I thank Onward House for having given me the opportunity to take this course for free. There Professor Mauricio referred me to Professor Francisco Tapia, to start taking online classes. During the process of preparation I was able to notice how efficient he is with his students, and I thank him for his patience and his words of encouragement to help us succeed in this project.

The day of my interview I felt positive with what I had studied. I was able to succeed and pass my exams, and this triumph is thanks to Professor Francisco Tapia. It brings me joy that these programs are available for the community. I hope that these programs and services continue for more people to benefit from as I did, because in reality they are of very much help. Thank you very much.



I would very much like to give thanks to Professor Francisco J. Tapia for such important help with my citizenship studies. It was really very good for me to attend your classes, and to learn and understand some things that I had no idea about. Thank you really for your help, and also to Onward House and all the people who are able to give this help.

Thank you with all my heart,