Early Childhood Education

Families with young children often have limited affordable education and care options. Onward Neighborhood House’s Early Childhood Education Program is designed to meet the needs of children and parents seeking to better their lives. The year-round, full-day preschool services allow parents to work full time, pursue their education, and support their families without having to worry about their child’s safety and educational development.

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Adult Education Classes

Literacy, both language and technology, is a critical need in the Belmont Cragin community. A survey from Wright College noted that in the Belmont Cragin community, 43.2% speak English less than very well, and over one-third have less than a high school diploma. And, according to our surveys, approximately 80% of our adult students had never used a computer before having access to our classes. Onward House is proud to offer adult education programs that meet the ongoing needs of the community.

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