Rocio “Fixes Everything” with SEO Skills

When Rocio first started her business selling decorative wreaths, she set up an online shop without knowing much about eCommerce. She had heard it was so easy that everything took care of itself.

While she was able to produce high-quality wreaths, her sales were far below what she expected. After a year of slow sales, a friend gave her a flyer for Onward’s eCommerce classes. To Rocio, it felt like a sign.

“After my first day, I wanted to run home and fix everything.”

From her very first class, Rocio said, “I couldn’t believe it. After my first day, I wanted to run home and fix everything about my online store.” She learned that there were many facets of running and promoting an online business. When Rocio first started, she didn’t know about the importance of search optimization to online stores. Once she improved her SEO and search engine ratings, her business began to grow. “Now more people can find my store than ever before,” she smiled.

Onward’s eCommerce curriculum covers a variety of topics, including the best practices for online marketing, design tips and tools for promotion, search engine optimization, and how to use finance software to track business sales and expenses.

One-on-one assistance from the eCommerce instructor helped Rocio completely rebuild her shop using the techniques she had learned in class. Soon she was selling so many wreaths she had to scale up her production – increasing sales by 700%!

Rocio runs Lala’s Wreath Boutique with the help of her daughter, you can find them on both Facebook and Etsy.