Touring Quality Catering

Quality Catering provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks for Onward House Early Childhood Education and School Age programs. This August, our School Age students had the opportunity to meet the owner, along with the cooks, delivery drivers, and office personnel who provide our program with nutritious meals each day.

During their tour, the children designed their own chef hats with their favorite foods. They got to tour the catering facility and learned that 90% of their food is prepared daily. The children learned how the ingredients are shipped, how their breads are handmade, baked, and sliced. They saw how the ground beef burgers/meatballs are grounded and cooked. The children were most amazed at how the Mega Tron (named from the movie Transformers) sliced their fresh fruit in just 7 seconds! And lastly, the children were served hot lunch fresh out of the kitchen.

After seeing how their food is made and delivered, the students are even more excited for meal times. Thank you Quality Catering for the opportunity to how our food is made!

Reported by Crystal Bell, School Age Group Worker