Winter Newsletter 2018

The 2018 Onward Update Winter Newsletter is out, featuring our cover story about Daniela, and her journey to continue her education.

When Daniela saw Onward’s poster for GED classes, she knew it was time to take a step toward her goals. “It was my red flag to go back to school. I had no more excuses because the classes are so close, and as an adult I have more responsibility and can push myself to finish this.”

A medical emergency caused her to drop out of high school, and now at 33 she is determined to continue her education. The General Education Development test, most commonly known as the GED, is actually a series of tests consisting of four key areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

Daniela attributes her success in the Language Arts section to her instructor Clarice. “I’ve only read two books in my life. Clarice encourages us to read books because it helps us with language and writing to take the test. She teaches us to understand what we’re reading and gives us practice essays,” said Daniela “I like that we get homework. A lot of us have jobs and kids, so it’s hard, but we can practice at home.”

Part of the Wright College and Onward House Adult Education partnership involves bringing the students to Wright College’s Campus to inspire students to continue their education after attaining the ESL or GED goals.

Daniela explained, “If I can save up money I want to get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development at Wright College.”

“I like how our teacher gives us a push and enthusiasm to get us back in school. She is always giving us a boost. She says it’s okay if we fail, we can do it, and we’re almost there.”

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