Ylianna’s Thriving Family

We are a Venezuelan family, which like many families in my country, had to emigrate, leave everything and start from scratch. Onward Neighborhood House has been an organization that has greatly supported both my family and me personally.

My four year-old son studies in preschool. The education he receives is bilingual, and the teachers have been very dedicated and attentive to him.

The class schedule allows me to study and prepare professionally. I currently receive ESL classes. These classes have really helped me learn English as a second language.

I also took the Business & Entrepreneurship Class. These classes allowed me to rediscover my brand, and create and adapt strategies to the American market, thanks to The Lab and especially to Sophia Cabido.

Thanks to the opportunity that your organization has given us, I can say that I am ready to pursue entrepreneurship as a photographer.

May God bless you greatly and continue to use you as a channel to bless many.


Update: On November 15 2018, Yilianna registered her business as a sole proprietorship EIN so she can officially open an account under her business name. Her next step was to fill out a W-9 to receive payment for an event. Follow her on Instagram at Ylianna Luna Photography.

Ylianna’s Story (Original)

Somos una familia Venezolana que como a muchas familias en mi país nos tocó emigrar, dejarlo todo y comenzar desde cero. Onward Neighborhood House ha sido una organización que nos ha apoyado grandemente tanto a mi familia como a mi personalmente. 

Mi hijo de 4 años estudia en preescolar,  la educación que recibe es bilingüe, las maestras han sido muy dedicadas y atentas con el. Su horario de clases me permite estudiar y prepararme profesionalmente, actualmente recibo clases ESL estas clases realmente me han ayudado mucho a aprender inglés como segundo idioma.

También recibí Business Class, estás me permitieron redescubrir mi marca, crear y adaptar las estrategias a el mercado americano, gracias a the lab y en especial a Sophia Cabido. 

Gracias a la oportunidad que su organización nos ha dado puedo decir que estoy lista para comenzar esta carrera de emprendimiento como fotógrafo.

 Que Dios les bendiga grandemente y los siga usando como un canal para bendecir a muchos.