Notes of Thanks (COVID-19)

From Karla’s Family:

Mi nombre es Karla y mediante este correo quiero agradecer a todo el personal de Onward House y los donadores que apoyan a esta escuela por el apoyo dado a nuestra familia en momentos tan difíciles . Sus llamadas para saber como seguía la salud de mi esposo, sus palabras de ánimo ,las despensas , y la ayuda económica con la renta son cosas que nunca vamos a olvidar , de la angustia tan grande que teníamos Dios y ustedes nos hicieron más liviana la carga ahora mi esposo está recuperándose en casa y deseamos lo mismo para todos lo que están sufriendo por este virus y esperamos que ustedes estén bien .

(Translated) My name is Karla and through this email I would like to thank all of the employees of Onward House and the Donors who support this school for the support given to our family in such difficult times. Your calls to know how my husband’s health was going, the word of encouragement, the food pantries, and the financial help with the rent are the things that we will never forget the anguish that we had. God and you made our load lighter now my husband is recovering at home and we wish the same for all who are suffering from this virus and we hope you all are well.

Melba’s Family:

“Estamos muy agradecidos con Onward House por todo el apoyo que nos han brindado en estos momentos de dificultad durante la pandemia,  pese a no tener familia ni conocidos en este pais, sentimos en ustedes una mano amiga.”

(Translated) We’re very grateful to Onward House for all the support they have given us in these difficult times during the pandemic, despite having no family in this country, we feel in you a helping hand.

From a student of The Lab (entrepreneurship class):

“I want to thank you for continuing these classes and doing the one-on-ones. Every night after class I think this is too hard, I should quit and let someone else have the resources because this is a depressing time…but with the weekly check-in scheduled, I push myself to complete the work before I talk to you and after check-in, I always have clarity and I can make it to the next class.

It’s nice to know that we are still a priority and you guys didn’t forget about our progress or what we needed in this crazy time.”

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