Rocio “Fixes Everything” with SEO Skills

When Rocio first started her business selling decorative wreaths, she set up an online shop without knowing much about eCommerce. She had heard it was so easy that everything took care of itself.

While she was able to produce high-quality wreaths, her sales were far below what she expected. After a year of slow sales, a friend gave her a flyer for Onward’s eCommerce classes. To Rocio, it felt like a sign.

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Daniela Works Towards Her Diploma

“I like how our teacher gives us a push and enthusiasm to get us back in school. She is always giving us a boost. She says it’s okay if we fail, we can do it, and we’re almost there.”

When Daniela saw Onward’s poster for GED classes, she knew it was time to take a step toward her goals. “It was my red flag to go back to school. I had no more excuses because the classes are so close. Now I understand more and as an adult I have more responsibility and can push myself to finish this.”

A medical emergency caused her to drop out of high school, and now at 33 she is determined to work with Onward House and Wright College to progress her education.

Daniela had taken computer classes to sharpen her skills in Excel, Word and Power Point, but knew that she would need her GED to get a good job.

“I’ve only read two books in my life. Clarise encourages us to read books because it helps us with language and writing to take the test. She teaches us to understand what we’re reading and gives us practice essays,” said Daniela, “She teaches us how to order our thoughts, which helped with the test. She teaches us how important quotes are for essays. “

Part of the Wright College and Onward House Adult Education partnership involves bringing the students to Wright College’s Campus to inspire students to continue their education after attaining the ESL or GED goals. “Wright College looked like a really big college but it’s actually small,” Daniela explained, “If I can save up money I want get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development at Wright College. “

“I like how our teacher gives us a push and enthusiasm to get us back in school. She is always giving us a boost. She says it’s okay if we fail, we can do it, and we’re almost there.”

Kaylee Gains Confidence & Improves Her Grades

“Before my daughter started attending Onward House School Age Program she used to get D’s & F’s”. “Now she’s getting A’s, B’s, & C’s”. 

– Keyshla, parent

When Kaylee started in the School Age program at Onward Neighborhood House, she was having trouble in her 4th grade classes. She was evaluated for an IEP (Individualized Education Program) in 2016, but still hadn’t received it. Her mom took her to Onward House, where she enrolled three of her children.

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Building Independence and Kindergarten Readiness

“It has been an awesome experience – I’ve learned a lot. I love the support that we receive as parents. My daughter always greets her former teachers with a hug, she’s going to remember them for a long time.”

Sandra would have preferred to stay with her daughter until she was ready kindergarten. However, the realities of working full time to support her family made that simply not possible. Sandra was apprehensive about placing her daughter in a daycare, especially after hearing horror stories on the local news. “For me that was the biggest thing, needing to trust that someone would take care of your child the way that you would.”

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