2018 Spring Newsletter

The 2018 Onward Update Spring Newsletter is out, featuring our cover story about Kaylee — and how she became confident and successful in the classroom!

When Kaylee started in the School Age program at Onward Neighborhood House, she was having trouble in her 4th-grade classes.

Crystal, her School Age teacher noticed that Kaylee preferred to only interact with the teacher, and didn’t pay much attention to the other students. She also liked compliments. Crystal worked one on one with Kaylee to improve her reading and math skills. She also paired Kaylee with a tutor from Glenbrook High School on Tuesdays to give her the extra support that she needed.

Crystal assisted Kaylee with her homework – they used manipulatives to practice math and practiced 2-3 letter words together. In groups, Crystal encouraged Kaylee to read and pronounce words. Her mother, Keyshla is happy with her progress, “before my daughter started attending Onward House’s School Age Program she used to get D’s & F’s. Now she’s getting A’s, B’s, & C’s.”

“Kaylee is very smart,” Crystal noted, “but she needed to build her self-esteem and confidence in herself.” Now Kaylee gets excited when she is able to complete her homework on her own and has even started to help the second graders in the program with their homework.

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